Lompoc, CA


My specialization as a composer is in the field of sonification, which involves the creation of acoustic graphs of mathematical objects. While my earliest works involve traditional acoustic instruments and what could be considered more traditional techniques, I migrated in 2002 towards strict sonification, primarily in the electroacoustic medium. The majority of my artistic work deals with the sonification of mathematical objects closely related to the Fibonacci sequence. I am currently planning a shift in my compositional approach towards sonification of all types of mathematical objects.

As a researcher, my primary area of interest is experimental psychology. My doctoral research focused on the aesthetic value of the Fibonacci sequence in sonifications. Current research is focused on the aesthetic value as well as the perceptibility of reflection symmetry in the acoustic domain.

This site has evolved extensively over the years, and this is the first version to accommodate the use of mobile devices. On this website, you can listen to over 1700 sonifications, many of which contain synchronized visualizations of the mathematical objects sonified. In addition to containing literature on the studies I have carried out thus far, this website also allows users to view and filter the raw data gathered in my experiments.

Casey Mongoven