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Collection: XVII
place of composition: Santa Barbara, California
duration: 86 seconds
instrumentation: Csound
channels: 2
temperament: phi^11 + 1 (phi = (sqrt(5) - 1)/2)
frequency orientation: ascending
OEIS/sequence numbers: A000119, A003263, A103344
comments: This work is the first of Collection XVII. The sounds used in this collection were provided by the following users of thanvannispen, reinsamba, genghis-attenborough, pete668, pooleside, kyles, erdie, benboncan, volivieri, sinatra314, robinhood76, mjudo12, miastodzwiekow, tito-lahaye, sithjawa, soundbytez, department64, hoersturz, confusion-music, glaneur-de-sons, esperri, 1pjladd2, zabuhailo, matiasezcurra, vataaa, vollkornbrot, j-zazvurek, unfa, felix-blume, adam-n, conleec, gb01, kvgarlic, anthonychan0, pgonsilva.
score: B1552
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