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dedication: to Peter G. Anderson
Collection: VIII
places of composition: Weimar, Germany; Athens & Patras, Greece
duration: undefined
instrumentation: Csound
channels: 2
OEIS/sequence numbers: A000201, A060143
comments: Video for this piece was created on July 17, 2008.
public concerts: Aesthetic Effect of Providing Synchronized Visualizations with Sonifications, November 16, 2013 1:05 pm, Elings Hall, UCSB, Room 1611, Goleta, California program file
score: B979
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1024 x 768 pixels 18.257 MB
1024 x 768 pixels 70.326 MB
1024 x 768 pixels 164.757 MB
24-bit 96kHz 11.808 MB
24-bit 96kHz 17.568 MB
24-bit 96kHz 23.328 MB
Processing file (to create .mov) 77.283 MB
instructions for installation 0.111 MB