Collection VIII

Fractional Part of Φ Multiples no. 3

Casey Mongoven

October 5, 2008

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Catalogue Entry B1071 & Files
Parameters   Sequence Values & Graph
description of sequence: fractional part of Φ*n (or φ*n - same sequence) where n is an integer greater than 0 - a sequence of irrational numbers
description of piece: The sequence is rendered as a series of clicks (impulses of one sample). The duration of each click (the impulse plus the silence thereafter) is governed by the sequence, as is the simulated location of the click, created using panning. A value is chosen to represent 1.0, which does not actually occur, because this sequence only deals with the fractional part of the golden ratio. The duration of each click is scaled according to the value of 1.0; the value of 1.0 must be at least .0019 seconds. For example, if the value of a(n) is .5 and 1.0 is represented by 2.5 seconds, the click representing a(n) would have a duration of 1.25 seconds. The duration of the entire piece is not defined. 1.0 can be defined as being on the right or left side.
offset: 1
number of members used: undefined
number of channels: 2
piece length: undefined
note value (representation of 1.0): at least .0019 seconds
synthesis technique: impulses of 1 sample
dynamic: at least p, not louder than mf
synthesis language used: Csound