Web Development


Designing things has been a lifelong passion of mine. My interest in web development began when I realized that the Internet was completely changing the way music was disseminated. This led me to begin work on in 2001—a website that over time would become the central hub of my creative activity.

I offer professional services in custom web design and development. As a developer, I have always made an effort to keep up-to-date on the most modern tools and trends. My websites reflect my training as a media artist, and are characterized by the following principles:

  • intuitive interface design and site navigation
  • responsive design (for mobile and desktop platforms)
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • search engine optimization
  • innovative use of dynamic/interactive content
  • high standards of language
  • faithfulness to a company's brand identity
  • modularity (for future expandability)
I can update/improve your existing website or take your brand online for the first time. Some of the specific design and development services I offer are the following:
  • multilingual website design
  • graphic design and identity branding
  • content development
  • interactive content design
  • database design and management
  • data visualization
  • website maintenance
  • social media strategy development
  • internet marketing
  • e-commerce
My prices are competitive and I have experience working under tight deadlines. It is my philosophy to work in close cooperation with my clients and remain flexible throughout the design and development process, through to deployment. Contact me to discuss your company's specific needs and interests.

Contact Info

Casey Mongoven
telephone: 1-408-555-5555